SMWM Crowds Have an Appetite

Outsmarting Supply and Demand…

SMWM believes that with innovative programming and thoughtful design, reinvented businesses and buildings can thrive in the most saturated markets. We’ve seen it happen—when we could get through the crowds—at the San Francisco Ferry Building, the Galleria Dallas, and COCO5OO restaurant.

There are plenty of words to describe how successful these three projects have been since their respective reopenings, but we’ll rely on a few numbers: $50 million in annual food sales at the Ferry Building’s local-, organic-, sustainable- food mecca; a 23% increase in visitors at the Galleria Dallas; and nightly full houses at COCO5OO, representing a 35% increase in sales from the previous year.

Bottom line—not bad.

1989 SMWM A year in the life…

For SMWM it’s the year of the book: the firm begins work with Pei Cobb Freed & Partners on the new San Francisco Main Library as it wraps up the design of the Shields Library at UC Davis.

Elsewhere in the world…

  • The Joy Luck Club and A Brief History of Time enrich book stores’ bottom lines
  • The Loma Prieta Earthquake knocks books off shelves and buildings off foundations throughout central California
  • Responding to tremors of another type, the Berlin Wall comes down