TETER Architects and Engineers

TETER reached that point we all reach where they needed a from-the-ground-up new website. The fact that they had grown tremendously since their last site, added a bunch of offices, and promoted a group of savvy young principals just confirmed it was time. We started from scratch with the copy and changed the tone to reflect their serious-fun, high-quality work and amazing office culture. The result is definitely them.

TETER’s employees are consummate professionals and great people outside the office, too. It’s hard to describe them without bragging.


NicholsBooth Architects

You know when you hit that point where you realize it’s time for a total overhaul–branding, website, marketing materials, everything? NicholsBooth got there and asked me to write an interim website just so they could get rid of the old one while they figured out all the other big stuff. We had a great time taking the existing information and making it fun and creative, just like them.

For their home page, NicholsBooth wanted to convey immediately that they are client-focused and know how to be professional without taking themselves too seriously.

Architectural Resources Group

ARG does thoughtful, creative, careful design work on historical structures and sites. When it came time for their new website, they had plenty of incredible visuals, and needed words to go with them. That’s where I came in, with the goal of bringing the same thought and care they bring to their projects to how their website presents them.

ARG’s projects represent some of the most iconic images people have of San Francisco. The Conservatory of Flowers is a landmark in Golden Gate Park, given new life by ARG’s meticulous restoration.


Cameron MacAllister Group

Ready for a website update, Cameron MacAllister Group wanted to create a new but not totally different voice from their previous site. Their services and partner group had expanded, and they wanted to find a way to bring all the new information in while keeping the copy succinct and readable. The result reflects their intelligence, experience, and thought leadership.

After decades in the design and construction professions, CameronMacAllister’s principal-consultants now use their cumulative expertise to advise other firms.

Books : Ghostwriting

Finding Love After 5O

The author has built a business helping over-50s who are divorced, widowed, or have never been married get back into the game. Discovering what type of person is right for them, preparing them for dating, getting them online, offering date-smart strategies–she has helped hundreds of people find love. When it was time for her book, she asked me to be her ghostwriter, and the result is Finding Love After 50.

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Books : Editing

Unleashing Creative Genius

Long-time clients Gould Evans co-created a STEAM program in their Kansas City offices that serves local youth who do not otherwise have access to that type of learning. The results have been astounding, both in students’ learning and engagement with school, prompting Gould Evans Principal David Reid and Dr. Mandi Sonnenberg of Rockhurst University to write a book about their experiences. I edited the book, writing the preface, editing the copy, writing introductions and transitions for chapters–all the usual sort of editing stuff I love.


To read the preface, please click the link below



St. Anselm School has one opportunity a year to communicate with their alumni–the Generations newsletter. I edit the newsletter, choosing articles with the principal that will communicate all the good things the school is doing, and then either research and write the articles or work with parent and student scribes. The result is an eight-page, full-color newsletter that alumni are always grateful to receive (at least that’s what they tell us!).


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Email Blasts


When SMWM hit its 20-year mark, it decided to create a year-long campaign of email blasts cheekily illustrating what it had accomplished during that time. With one project featured in each blast and a “Year in the life” feature that looked back on what they and the world were up to 20 years before, the mailers were a huge success.



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