TETER Architects and Engineers

TETER reached that point we all reach where they needed a from-the-ground-up new website. The fact that they had grown tremendously since their last site, added a bunch of offices, and promoted a group of savvy young principals just confirmed it was time. We started from scratch with the copy and changed the tone to reflect their serious-fun, high-quality work and amazing office culture. The result is definitely them.

TETER’s employees are consummate professionals and great people outside the office, too. It’s hard to describe them without bragging.



TETER’s employees don’t just sit at their desks and produce. They are in the community making a difference, supporting the places they and their families call home.




TETER makes a strong commitment to the well-being of its employees, and gets a huge return in the quality of people who come to work for them.



So many projects, so little time to describe them all. But we did–one great contribution to life in the Central Valley at a time.



Who says history is boring? TETER’s covers four decades, and through all the comings and goings, their values and quality work have endured.