TETER temp

TETER reached that point we all reach where they needed a from-the-ground-up new website. The fact that they had grown tremendously since their last site, added a bunch of offices, and promoted a group of savvy young principals just confirmed it was time. We started from scratch with the copy and changed the tone to reflect their fun-serious, high-quality work and amazing office culture. The result is definitely them.

Our people are the heart of TETER.
If we had to describe all their amazing qualities, it would take forever. But here are a few that jump to mind: professional, proactive, intelligent, thorough, forthright, humble, exceptional… You get the picture.

It’s not always our first impulse to talk about ourselves (we’re architects and engineers, after all), but when exciting things happen, we have to share the news. And there’s always a lot going on in the TETER offices and beyond. Here are some things that have been swirling in our world.


Transform Your Community. Transform Yourself.
We’re building a better Valley, and cultivating the best architects and engineers in the process. Our high-quality results—for clients and employees alike—come from exceptional performance, supportive relationships, and ongoing career development. Sound like a place you’d like to be?


Where the What, Why, and How Come Together
We talk about designing great buildings, improving our communities, building client relationships, and providing exceptional service, but it all becomes real in our projects. Different locations, different functions, different clients, different designs, but all with the TETER mark of high standards and high performance. Ultimately, that is what brings us to work every morning.


Every Firm Has a Story
Ours starts in a small structural engineering office in Visalia with a strong vision—one that has fueled us as we’ve grown to five offices with over 100 employees offering a dozen architectural and engineering services. There are lots of chapters along the way, but this story doesn’t have an ending. It just keeps getting bigger and better.